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Tower Heroes Codes

Hey everyone, Here we were discussing about the Tower Heroes Codes! You can get all the information about the codes. These codes are provide you a lot of free items and stuff for the game. Therefore, the codes will provide you rewards like free skins and coins. Here, we will provide you the updated list of codes. These codes will get you a start in the game and will definitely get you moving towards gaining more heroes to get you further in the game. Moreover these codes will provide you like free XP , coins, crates and much more to upgrade the level in the game. So, use these codes for the game.

Firstly, you can use these codes or game you may have know about them. This game is very simple in this you can defeat the enemies with Towers and in this you can earn cash and XP for clearing the waves. So, choose right tower for the job in game. Moreover, with this game we will also provide you the codes after redeeming them for free rewards. So with collection of cash you can purchase the skin crates an towers. So, you can use these codes which thy are available here for you. Codes are available here those are.

Top Trending Tower Heroes Codes 2021

Valid & Active Codes

  • halloween2020 : Use this code to claim Green Jack o Lantern Skin.
  • TreeBranch: Use this code to claim Leaves.
  • PoisonShroom: Use this code to claim Mushroom.
  • CartoonyWizard: Use this code to claim Cartoony Outline.
  • CubeCavern: Use this code to claim a free SCC Wiz skin.
  • HEROESXBOX: Use this code to claim a free skin.
  • PixelBit: Use this code to claim the Pixel Bit.


Expired & Out of Date Code

  • 1MIL: Use this code to claim an exclusive skin and also 20 coins.
  • DevHiloh: Use this code to claim a free skin.
  • July42020: Use this code to claim 4th of july Firework.
  • FastFood: Use this code to claim Orange Soda.
  • Karts&Chaos: Use this code to claim Popcorn.
  • NEWLOBBY: Use this code to claim a the Lobby Revamp.
  • 2020VISION: Use this code to claim Streamer Skin.


How To Redeem Tower Heroes Codes ?

  • Open the game and find the codes button
  • Click the codes button and screen will be open
  • Paste the code you are copied or type the code
  • Click on the ” Redeem Button “


How To Play Tower Heroes

This game is very easy and rules of the Tower Heroes game are very simple. Therefore, in this game defeat the different enemies with towers you have unlocked and earn cash and xp for clearing waves. Moreover, you can spent money on skin crates and the towers. So, the each tower has a completely unique potential in relation to clearing waves. So decide to choose the right towers for the job in the game and enjoy the game.



Lastly, keep using the codes and you can enjoy the rewards. So, grab the codes and there rewards for the game. Hope you may like this article and you can read this article completely. These codes will provide you free items like free skin and coins. May hope you can use these codes and go further in the game to gain more heroes. Here, you will get the up to date list of the codes that you can redeem for free skin and coins. So, use these codes and get excited offers.

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