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Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes

Are you searching for Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes? Your search ends here. So, here we have an up to date list of Roblox Ghost Simulator codes. These are the latest working promo codes. You can earn free gift items using these codes. Free gift items includes ectoplasm, gems, pets, bags, hoverboards and many more. These free rewards speed up the process of catching ghosts and also helps you to roam around the map quickly. So stay with us till the end and grab them all quickly.

What is Roblox Ghost Simulator?

Roblox Ghost Simulator is a game where you have to go around the map and find the ghosts. The main work is to  vacuum up the ghosts, complete different quests, and unlock new areas. You also have to complete the quests. Thereafter, you can get two types of currencies i.e. ectoplasm and gems by catching the ghosts.

Further, you can purchase pet crates using these currencies. These pets helps you in catching the ghosts. You can earn these currencies and pets for free using these given below promo codes and can increase up your speed in vacuuming the ghosts.


Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes 2021

Given below is the list of Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes:

  • You can get 350 Candy & Creepy Krepy Cat for free with this promo code: HAUNTED
  • Enjoy free Bloxy Boy 500 Pet with this promo code: BB500K 
  • Also, get free Gears & The End Hoverboard using this promo code: THEEND
  • Enjoy free Cosmic Hand Pet using this promo code: PLAY
  • Moreover gets free One Year Bag which Contains Anniversary Pet and Hoverboard with this promo code: 1YEAR 
  • Get free Firefly Pets by redeeming this promo code: FIREFLY
  • You can get free Purple Pegasus Pet with this promo code: R1FT
  • Also, enjoy free Dave Pet with this promo code: SPAC3


  Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • Get free Shocker Pet with this promo code: SHOCKER
  • Enjoy free Byte Pet with this promo code: BB250K
  • Get 10 Atlantis Keys for free with this promo code: FISHIN
  • Use this promo code and enjoy free Aqua Pegasus Skin: SEA
  • Moreover, gets free 1 Basic Zoom Gum with this promo code: GUMGUM
  • Enjoy free Gumball Pet with this promo code: Bubble
  • Take Sports King Pet for free using this promo code: SQUAD
  • Also, enjoy free Bit Missile Hoverboard using this promo code: BIT
  • Use this promo code and get Flop Hoverboard for free: JUNE
  • Redeem this code and get 1x Crate Key for free: CLASSIFIED
  • Use this code and enjoy free Vanity Hoverboard: VANITY


How to Redeem Roblox Ghost Simulator Code?

  • Firstly, open the game.
  • Then, look to the left of screen for the blue Twitter icon.
  • Press that button and you will open with code redemption menu.
  • Then, Click on the area that says “Enter a Code” and enter one of the codes from our list given above.
  • Once you’ve got it entered in correctly, you’ll just need to hit the Redeem button and you will be given the reward!


In conclusion: Roblox Ghost Simulator is very interesting ghost catcher game. You just need to roam around the map, vacuum ghosts and sell them for currencies. Also, with the help of these codes you can acquire these ghosts quickly in no mean time. Lastly, I hope you may love this article. Thank you all…..

Keep Smiling and Have Fun….

Kartik Saini:
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