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Oh!!! Welcome back here players. Looking for the latest codes of Roblox Roanoke? Well you are at the correct platform. Here we have all the codes that you may bee searching for. Moreover, all the codes are 100% working and verified by the users. So, don’t worry!

Furthermore, with these codes you will win a chance to redeem incredible gifts and stuffs. You can redeem some free free in-game cash. In no time you will be exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia with some hefty change in your pocket!

However, try to make use of every code, as soon as possible. Because these are valid until a limited period of time. So, grab your exciting rewards now and be the star in the game.

Here comes the list of codes April 2021.


All the working codes for roblox Roanoke are listed in the section below. You must try all the codes and get rewarded. On the other hand, if you find that any of the codes mentioned below are not working for redemption, then report that code. Therefore, you can use the comment box below. We will rectify the list.



  • SPRINGBREAK – Redeem code for free cash!

Clearly, only few codes are available for redemption. Because these codes are valid for a limited period of time. After expiration the codes are of no use. Therefore, redeem you rewards before codes expire.

Additionally, codes are case sensitive and contains numbers and symbols. So, pay attention when you redeem code. Errors may occur due to mistakes. As a result, the redemption process is interrupted.

Also, we will add more codes once the new codes are out for usage.



Obviously, these are the codes which are no longer available for redemption. You will not receive any reward with such expired codes. That’s why you are always advised to use the codes before they get expire.

  • SANTA – This code is no longer working.
  • GOBBLE – This code is no longer working.
  • REFUND – This code is no longer working.
  • C1NCO – This code is no longer working.
  • R0AN0K3 – This code is no longer working.

To summarize, Roblox Roanoke codes can give players significant bonuses and rewards and Roanoke is a top-rated game on Roblox with thousands of users worldwide, and many want to know the Roblox Roanoke Codes. It is a car and bike racing game available on the Roblox platform. Moreover, Roblox has over 40 million games which users can enjoy, and Roanoke is one among them.



Along with this, here is a short guide which will help you in the redemption of codes. However, you just need to follow the instructions and in a few seconds you will redeem the rewards. In addition it, if you are new to this redemption and all, you will find it very useful.

  1. Press the Shop button located near the bottom-left of the screen.
  2. Then press the Codes button, which will bring up a text box where you can enter each working code.
  3. Press Redeem to receive your reward.

Subsequently, these are just simple steps you need to follow. But if you are still having errors then do the following:

  • Check whether the code you are using are valid for redemption or not. If not no codes will be redeemed.
  • Also, enter the codes without any mistake. As the codes are case sensitive, you must check them before redeeming. Mistakes will restrict the process.



Roanoke is a car and bike racing game made for the Roblox platform. The game is set around the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. Players can choose from up to 270 vehicles and drive to the top to explore the range. It is also an RPG game that you can play with your friends. It is one of the many popular games with thousands of users worldwide.



– Patched server wide music exploit



Hope you read it all and liked the content above. However, more new updates are coming soon. Stay tuned and keep visiting the page. You can also, bookmark it to get notification of recent updates. Furthermore, you can also find codes for other Roblox games on the page. Just enter the game in the search and get started.

Above all, just make sure that codes are used within the valid time period. Otherwise you will not be rewarded.!!!


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