Pet Ranch Simulator Codes

Are you a Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator game user? And looking for working Pet Ranch Simulator Codes 2021? Then you come to the right page, we will guide you on the active and latest pet ranch simulator codes list of 2021.

Roblox is one of the best gaming platforms and it allows you to play a wide variety of games and make your own games as well. Roblox provides you a huge amount of collections of games and Roblox pet ranch is one of them.

Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator Codes April 2021

Roblox pet ranch simulator codes offer gold, to help give you earn pets and level up your character in the game. You can make use of these active codes to get free coins, boosts, and pets in the game.

Active Codes


  • 100M: Use this code to get a lot of coins.
  • 90MCOIN: Earn a lot of coins.
  • 90MPET: Get 90M Phoenix Flock.
  • SPOOKY: Receive coins by redeeming the code.
  • UPDATE23: Unlock coins.
  • 80MPET: Earn 80M Golden Sun Eagle
  • 80MCoin: Redeem the code to earn tons of coins.
  • UPDATE21: Receive a lot of coins.
  • FIGSTER: Unlock tons of coins.
  • 70MPET: Get 70M Soundwave Alicorn.
  • 70MCoin: Receive tons of coins.
  • 100KPET: Get 100K Likes Glacial Serpent.
  • 100KCOIN: Use the code to earn a lot of coins.
  • UPDATE19: Unlock coins with this code.
  • Sub2Telanthric: Receive tons of coins.
  • Tommy_QC: Earn tons of coins.
  • Mequallu: Redeem the code for coins.
  • Liiafa: Get tons of coins.
  • GoldenOwl: Receive tons of coins.
  • BlueTeam: Earn tons of coins.
  • AshleyDas777: Redeem coins by redeeming the code.



  • 60MPET: Use this code to get 60M Digital Thunderbird Pet.
  • POST: Earn a lot of coins.
  • AZAD: Receive coins with this code.
  • PlanetMilo: Get 1,98M coins.
  • PetRanch: Unlock 5,000 coins.
  • Albatross: Earn 10,000 coins.
  • Youtube: Receive Youtube Cat.
  • Seer: Unlock 140.80T coins.
  • FreePet: Get the Promo Mouse.


We will keep you updated with additional new pet ranch simulator codes once they are released by the gamers. You should confirm to redeem these above-listed codes as soon as possible because you’ll never know once they could expire.



How to redeem Pet Ranch Simulator Codes 2021?

Redeem the above-mentioned pet ranch simulator active codes to get the free coins and pets. But for that, you need to know how to redeem these working codes in the game. Follow the below-mentioned steps to redeem your Roblox pet ranch simulator codes.

  • Enter the game and search for the Twitter icon on the right side of your screen.
  • After clicking on the button a screen will be opened.
  • Type or copy the above-mentioned active pet ranch simulator code and paste it in the text box.
  • Click on the redeem button to earn your free reward.


Expired Codes

  • UPDATE18: Use this code to redeem a lot of coins
  • Shiny: Get Bay Serpent
  • Tommy_QZ: Receive a lot of coins
  • 60MCoin: Unlock 25.94B coins
  • 50MCoin2: Earn 117.33T coins
  • 50MPET: Redeem the code for 50M Albatross King Pet
  • 50MCoin: Get 1M coins
  • 25KLIKES: Receive 10 Min of worth coins
  • Pet1000: Unlock 10 Min of worth coins
  • 3000Code: Earn 10 Min of worth coins
  • 10K: Use this code to get 10 Min of worth coins
  • 1MPET: Earn 1M Baby Serpent
  • 6MPET: Unlock 6M Baby Phoenix
  • 10MPET: Receive 10M Party Angel
  • 20MPET: Use this code to get 20M Demon
  • MEPET: Earn 10 Min of worth coins
  • 30MCOIN: Receive 10 Min of worth coins
  • 30MPET: Unlock 30M Mouse
  • 40MPET: Redeem the code to earn 40M Light Serpent



In conclusion, use the above-mentioned working pet ranch simulator codes and earn free coins and items by redeeming the code. Sometimes the promo codes are case sensitive so make sure to enter the right code to enjoy the free gifts. Bookmark our page and get updated with the latest codes to earn more rewards. If you need the codes for any other game then feel free to tell us in the comment section below.


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