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Minion Simulator Codes

Complete List of Codes of Minion Simulator 2021

Find Latest Updated 100% working and verified list of minion simulator codes for 2021.

Firstly, Hello Friends. It is pleasure to have you all here today. Wants Minion Simulator Codes? So, here we have list of various Minion Simulator codes as well as information regarding Minion Simulator game. So, Don’t worry, stay with us and get perfect codes for you to win exiting rewards and bonus. We tried our best to provides you latest working promo codes. These codes will helps you to move further in the game. You will get free minions and coins with these given codes. So lets start.

Minion Simulator Codes 2021

The following list contain codes that are used in the game to earn gold and many more.

  1. Enjoy 10k gold using this given code – update3
  2. Further use this code and gets exclusive hats so your minion looks attractive – hats
  3. Also, collect  +400 gold using this code – PlanetMilo
  4. Similarly, Redeem this code and get YTSnuglife minion – YTSnuglife
  5. However, get Cookie minion using this code – cookie
  6. Moreover, Redeem this code and get 100 gold for free – gold
  7. Also, enjoy free 100 gold coins by using this code – power
  8. Thereafter, Redeem this code and enjoy 100 gold for free – release
  9. Get Bakon minion for free using this code – bakon
  10.  Redeem this code and get minion and Wooden Sword for free – minions


How to redeem Minion Simulator Codes?

There is a simple process of redeeming the above codes however; you have to follow the below following steps-

  • Firstly, Open the Minion Simulator game.
  • Secondly, you will find the Twitter input field code.
  • Thirdly, enter the code.
  • Fourthly, enjoy the reward.


Welcome to Minion Simulator!🔨

✨Train your minions to make them stronger!✨
💎Mine ingots with your minions to make money!💎
⚡️Unlock zones to increase your gains and become stronger!⚡️
🔮Find, Enchant and Equip pickaxes to your minions!🔮

Turning off other minions decreases lag by up to 300%, but if you turn it back on you need to rejoin the server to see them

💥Update Log💥
Update 5:
- 3 Worlds
- 5 Minions + 1 Secret Minion 
- 5 Hats
- 5 Pickaxes


In conclusion, Minion Simulator is new and adventurous game. You can unlock various rewards using promo codes. And all those promo codes are given here. Apply these and win golds and more stronger minions. However, we have provided you most up to date list of these codes. So, grab them all before they get expired. At last, Thank you we will get you more codes sooner. In the end, keep smiling and have fun.

Kartik Saini:
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