Jojo Chains of Fate 2 Codes

Welcome everyone!! are you in search of Jojo Chains Of Fate 2 codes? Here we have all the codes that are valid and 100% working. All the codes listed below are for the Jojo Chains Of Fate 2. However, the codes are verified and are trusted by the users. However, with these codes you will surely get help in boosting up your game play.

Moreover, these codes will let you redeem a bunch of free KOs. These KOs should give you an advantage when fighting enemies!. Therefore, redeem these codes and claim your rewards before they expire.

Additionally, these codes are valid for a limited period of time. So, try to redeem them faster!!!


Here we are with the most updated list of code for Jojo Chain Of Fate 2. Grab all the rewards now and start your game with a disaster. Leave all of your enemies behind and get started.

  • FollowReisiRBX¬†– Redeem code for 35 KOs (NEW)
  • Sub2VOLTAGE – Redeem code for KOs
  • KarmaUpdate2¬†– Redeem code for 50 KOs

Additionally, some of the codes are case sensitive so be careful while redeeming such codes. Errors may occur and you will not be able to redeem rewards.

Also, if you find that any of the codes listed above are not available any more then report that code. Mention that code in the comments below and we will rectify the list.

Moreover, we will soon add more codes once they get release out for redemption. For now make use of these and grab all your rewards.



The following codes are no longer available for redemption. Therefore, you will not be able to get any reward with such codes. Do not waste your time.

  • Redemption – Redeem code for 60 KOs

Furthermore, we have listed some of the key points which you can use to get your rewards easily in just a few seconds.



The below mentioned short guide will help you in the easy redemption of codes. Therefore, you just need to follow the steps and get started. If you are having issues you can take help of this guide.

  1. launch the game and press Codes.
  2. Once in the new window, you can enter each working code into the text box.
  3. Press Enter to receive your free reward.
  4. Check your rewards in the inventory.

Please do not forget that if you having errors in the redemption then surely its the codes which you ae using has expired or you have applied the codes incorrect.

By redeeming these codes the players can get exclusive rewards and items too and these Codes can be used only for a particular time.



The long awaited sequel to the original, paying homage the beloved original version of the game. This game is a PVP styled game.

(Mobile + Xbox Supported)
This is still a pre-alpha version of the game, please expect bugs and report them to our server!

C – Roll
Z – Stand Leap
Q – Summon
E – Rushing
H – Blocking
R, T, Y, G, H, V – Abilities



However, we know that only handful of codes are available currently, don’t worry new codes will release out shortly. For now use the above mentioned codes. Also, the codes are valid until a limited time period. So, make sure that you use up them before they get expire. Furthermore, the redemption guide is there to make you learn how to redeem codes if you are new to this. Follow the easy steps and get started to rock the game.


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