Dominus Lifting Simulator Codes

Introduction to Dominus Lifting Simulator Codes

Roblox game has introduced a new game named Dominus Lifting Simulator under the flagship of Scriptbloxian studios on 8th September 2019. This game is just like a simulator of weight lifting. The aim of this game is to build the muscle and develop the body. If you have developed stronger body then your opponent you can easily kill the opponent. From the store you can purchase more features to make yourself stronger than your opponent and you can defeat your opponent after being stronger than him.

Dominus Lifting Simulator Codes

Dominus Lifting Simulator Codes April 2021:

  • LEVELS – Redeem code for 5,000 coins.
  • SPARK – Redeem code for 5,000 coins.
  • PETS – Redeem code for 1,000 coins.
  • fire – Redeem code for 30k Strength.
  • CAT
  • Advert – 6500 strength.
  • Strength- 500 strengths.
  • Lifting- 1500 strength.
  • Fix- 5000 strengths.
  • Rich-  25000 strengths.
  • Hype- 2000 strengths.
  • Bloxycola-5000 strengths.
  • Fight- 10k strength.
  • Morecodes- 6500 strengths.
  • Mapcycle- 20k strengths.
  • Insane- 50k strengths as reward.
  • Nathorix- 750 strengths.
  • Youtubesensation- nathorix as a pet.
  • Baconhairisthebest- Myusername as a pet.
  • Free- 10k strengths.
  • Dog- Dog as a pet.
  • Strong- 10k strengths in addition.
  • Dominus- 1k strengths.



Welcome to Dominus Lifting Simulator! 🔥


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Lift the Dominuses of your dreams to get strong! 💪

There are plenty of different maps to play on!

Enter the combat zone and face off with your friends!

Try and become the strongest and compete on the global leaderboards!

A shutdown means an update, or bug fixes! ⚡

Experience a bug? DM me on Roblox or on my various social medias!



In Dominus Lifting Simulator you can prove yourself to be a legend lifter and with the help of Dominus Lifting Simulator codes you can increase your strength and earn gems. In this game you can also unlock new gyms, collect pets; you can even gain new moves with that you can fight with other player.

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