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Lyft Promo Code 2021

When you need a ride but don’t have your own car, there’s a good chance your solution is just a few taps away. Rideshare services are available in almost every major city, making transportation more accessible than ever. The only decision you need to make is choosing Lyft. Lyft is a strong competitor in the ridesharing industry and have quickly become household name. Lyft is an rideshare ordering platform through online that connects drivers with people who need a lift to a destination.

This service allows you to share the ride with others so you can save money on your journey. All they have to do is to use the Lyft app for finding the nearest driver in the area. Once the driver accepts the request, his name and contact information will be displayed in the app. You can either travel solo or with up to three friends. You can also sign up for a six-passenger ride, or share the car with others going to the same destination. Passengers can save money by using Lyft coupon codes and promo’s after signup.


  • LYFTPROMO16 – $16 Off with this lyft promo code 2021.
  • LYFTPROMO15 and get $5 off on your first 3rides
  • LYFTPROMO18 and get $18 off on first 6 rides with lyft for new customers
  • LYFTPROMO25 – $25 Off When you signup with this lyft code
  • LYFTLUX25 – 25% Off on Lux Ride with this code.
  • MARTHY51881 – Use this promo code and enjoy $5credit for 5rides.
  • JELLY1 on your first ride and get $3 off.
  • EX550 and get 50% additional discount on your first 5rides.
  • 20YAS and save upto $20off with lyft
  • LYFTCOUPON9 and save $9 on your first ride with mobile verification.

Lyft generally has two types of rider promotions: ride discounts and lyft credit. Promotions are claimed using promo codes.



Some credits can be claimed through promo codes, either by clicking on a link or by typing the code into the app. If you have a code to type into the app, follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Lyft app
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner
  3. CLICK on ‘Promos’ in the menu
  4. Enter promo code to add your code (remember to check spelling)
  5. Apply to finish



If you’re a Lyft driver, Lyft promo can be used to earn extra money whenever you give a ride. Download lyft app to get a verified account and avail the service. If you are already a lyft driver, a little more you can get, when you also ask a friend to sign up to be a driver.

Invite your friends to join Lyft. After their joining and completing their first ride, you’ll get something out of it. More friends you invite who use the service, more credit can be accumulated.

  • LYFTMAX – Get $1,000 Bonus When You Drive With Lyft Promo Code
  •  $300 for 100 rides in a month
  •  $1000 when you complete 125 rides in a month
  • Get 125 rides in your first 30days and earn $1300


When you are looking for the discounts for your next lyft ride, it can feel like lyft promo codes for existing users are needles in a massive haystack. Luckily, new users aren’t the only passengers who get perks. Once you know where to see upon, you can easily pair your ridesharing experiences with discounts, free ride credits, or cash back opportunities. Whether you’re using the rideshare app for the first or the hundredth time, lyft offers ongoing ways to save money if you are a frequent lyft user. Subscribe to lyft’s promotional emails, and you may get promotion codes sent to you, especially during the holidays and other major events in your area. Sometimes, these emails may even offer you limited-time access to lyft ride pass which allows you to purchase rides in bulk for significant discounts.



You might be in luck if you live in a city that holds a variety of events. A lot of organizers of these events use Lyft services to make it convenient for the guests to commute to and from the event. Each guest is provided with a unique lyft coupon code that’s worth a certain amount of credit.

If you attend an exclusive lyft event, you may be able to obtain a one-off promo code. The unique promo code is typically offered for a limited time and comes with validity. Unused or invalid code credits will get refunded back to the event organizers usually after48 hours.

With ongoing discounts available to existing lyft users, you never have to pay the full cost of a ride — especially if you are a frequent lyft rider. From downloading a third-party app to joining lyft’s subscription program, there are plenty of ways to continue saving on your rides.

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