Jabong Affiliate: Earn Unlimited Money


Jabong affiliate program gives you the chance to make Unlimited online money. Jabong affiliate program is a great way for you to earn commissions by placing product banners or links on your website to refer users through your affiliate URL. Recommend Jabong products and earn with every order.

Jabong Affiliate : Earn Unlimited Money

If you have a website that pulls through a lot of traffic in a day or a month. Take advantages of a Jabong affiliate partnership are plenty. For each sale you generate from your website you will get 10% commission.

Jabong, one of India’s leading e-commerce players give you the chance to be a part of their affiliate program. Under the Jabong partner program, you would be able to sell or drive traffic towards any Jabong product and also be able to generate revenue or commission on this. Jabong.com is India’s popular fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal. It sells clothes, beauty products, footwear, lifestyle products, home decor and other accessories.

How To Join Jabong Affiliate

  1. Apply for the Jabong partner program by signing up on our Affiliate Signup page.
  2. Jabong will then review your application and accept you on to our program.
  3. Choose from our wide selection of attractive advertising media and select the best ones suitable for you and integrate it onto your website. The Jabong affiliate team is happy to assist you.
  4. Making money is no longer an obstacle.

Earning with Jabong Partner Program

  • You display Jabong ads on your website
  • A visitor clicks an ad on you website
  • He or she makes a purchase at Jabong.com
  • You receive the commission.

Jabong affiliate Eligibility Criteria

  1. Minimum monthly traffic/visits should be 50,000.
  2. It should be a relevant Website.
  3. Site should not contain any porn/illegal content.

Jabong Commission & Payments – Your rewards and promotion.

Your advantages as a Partner/Affiliate

  • Upto 10% commission per sale.
  • Cookie Lifetime : 15 Days
  • Support and Personal advice from Jabong partner program.
  • Sale validation 45 days after Order month.

How much money You can earn From Jabong affiliate

Earn money easily. For each transaction that runs through your website, you will be paid a sales commission. Profit upto 10% commission per sale. Sales will be processed within 15 Days after month end.

How To Advertise Jabong

1) Banner

Choose from a selection of click strong and diverse Jabong advertising media. It is important that you choose a banner that fits your target audience. For example a banner for women’s shoes will only achieve minor success on a website frequently visited by men.
Besides the selection of an appropriate banner, size and location are also considerable factors. Choose a format that directly attracts people and display it in a clearly visible position on your website.

2) Textlinks

Use short, distinctive text links that encourage your users to click and spark their interest in buying. Here are a few examples:

Buy shoes at Jabong.com!
Discover the new Adidas Collection here!
Order at Jabong.com with free shipping*!

If you are in need of special banners, other promotional materials or unique content for your individual website please do get in touch with us at affiliate@jabong.com

Cookie lifetime

Sure. One of the obvious things to cross your mind would be traffic that purchases off your click at a later date. Well, in such scenarios – Jabong.com supports a cookie lifetime of 30 days. So in case someone heads to the website as your source, you would still get the commission if the sale takes place in the next 30 days. The validation of the sale is done 45 days after the order month which gives you a good advantage too. At all times, you would get support and personal advice from the Jabong partner program – so all your queries are answered in no time.


Jabong Affiliate : Earn Unlimited Money


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